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Disclaimer: As with all therapies results can not be guaranteed *


Positive Being Advanced Hypnotherapy

Top athletes, footballers, rugby players, singers and top executives all have coaches to help them to be the best that they can be.  

I have worked with many sporting disciplines including: triathlon, athletics, swimming, darts, bowling, golf, tennis, badminton, polo Boxing, Judo and Agility (the sport I compete in). So if you would like to improve in what ever sport you do I would love to help you.

Coaching can help you improve your sports performance by helping you to overcome limiting beliefs and improve your self confidence.

You have your own experiences and goals that you would like to achieve and whether you goal is to be getting the next grade or level, competing at higher levels, improving your personal times or just beating a friend I can help.

Coaching is a partnership we will work on all of the areas that you wish to improve.

The most effective Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and visualisation techniques will be used and as your coach I will motivate, support and inspire you to achieve your goals.  

By drawing on my 20 years of coaching and team development experience I can really help you to achieve your goals.

Although with all therapies results can not be guaranteed *

*I had a couple of sessions with Sharon 6 years ago to help be curb my nerves before a competition. She is so amazing that I not only started to win, I am now working with her to get into Team GB ’ Nicola , Bracknell.

*‘I came to Sharon 8 years ago to loose weight. She inspired me so much that I not only lost the weight but now compete in Triathlons’ Martin, Bracknell.

*‘I was referred to Sharon by my Doctor as I was recovering from a sports injury and feeling rather down. Sharon helped me on my road to recovery and has helped me ever since to improve my times’ Tim, Basingstoke.

*‘One of my dreams was to run a marathon but I was far from being able to achieve that dream. Sharon helped me believe I could do it, motivated me to train and encouraged me every step of the way. I now run two a year and have done for the past 5 years’ Alex, Ascot.

*‘I am truly amazed how much I have improved with Sharon as my coach. She has taken me from average to achiever’ Rachel, Wokingham.

*‘I see Sharon now before my competitions and truly believe she is my secret weapon. Im on a wining streak and love it!’ Kylie, Bagshot.

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