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Disclaimer: As with all therapies results can not be guaranteed *


Positive Being Advanced Hypnotherapy

It is estimated that 33% of British couples experience infertility problems and for nearly a third of those couples the infertility is “unexplained”.  The answer becomes one of looking deeper - at lifestyle, stresses and emotional blocks that are interfering with a natural process. 

Fertility issues can be very stressful and effect all aspects of your life. These in turn can make the situation worse.

Hypnotherapy can help you clear any emotional blocks, relieve stress, change the way you feel about the situation and promote a healthy you that is ready to receive that bundle of joy. 

Studies have indicated that “infertile” women who use mind/body techniques have 75% increase in there conception rate.

People in these studies also reported a decrease in levels of depression, anxiety, anger and improvements within their relationships.

I personally tailor all of my sessions to you to ensure the most effective advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques are incorporated.

I also provide you with a personally recorded CD that you can use anytime you wish to.

I am very proud to say that I have had the pleasure of  helping 164 women to conceive and my success rate in 2020 was 95% but with all therapies results can not be guaranteed *

5 Sessions

are often required

Each Session is £70

Or Prepay

5 are £300

Client Testimonials

*‘My husband and I had tried for a baby for 10 years and had even had 3 attempts at IVF but sadly that failed too. A friend of mine recommended Sharon and within 2 months of seeing her I was expecting my little boy who is now 6 years old’ Beth, Bracknell.

*‘I tried for 5 years and became completely disheartened and thought it would never happen for me. I found Sharon on Google and well now I have my beautiful little girl, who is now 2 years old’ Hazel, Bracknell.

*‘I was referred to Sharon by my Doctor. I went to see her for a consultation feeling doubtful but it was free so I went. I had unexplained infertility and didn’t know what to do. Sharon eased me through the session process and I was blessed with my little miracle who is now 7 and I have been blessed twice more since.’ Wendy, Basingstoke.

*‘I was extremely sceptical and felt that I had left things too late. Sharon was recommended to me by a friend and within 3 months of seeing her I was expecting my bundle of joy’ Christine, Sunninghill.

*‘I had several miscarriages, a failed marriage and had given up on ever having kids. I met my Mr Right and decided to try but after 4 years of disappointment I thought I would give Sharon a try and I am so glad that I did! I now have a 3 year old boy whom I adore and I can not recommend her highly enough, she is a star!’ Tracey, Wokingham.