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Disclaimer: As with all therapies results can not be guaranteed *


Positive Being Advanced Hypnotherapy


Depression  is a long-lasting low mood disorder.

It can affect your ability to do everyday things, prevent you from feeling pleasure or take interest in activities.

Anyone can experience depression at any stage of their lives.

Symptoms can vary from person to person  and can include feeling low, feeling bad about yourself and not feeling like doing anything.

Depression can be caused by many things such as family history, upbringing, stress, trauma or a combination of things that you have experienced.

I can help!

Each session is personally tailored to you to ensure you have the best chance of relieving your anxiety in all situations and to make sure it does not return.

The most effective and advanced Hypnoanalysis, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)  are used to ensure you get the results you deserve and you will receive a personalised CD that you can listen to at anytime to reinforce your sessions.

My success rate in 2020 using these techniques was 98% but as with all therapies results can not be guaranteed *   


5 or 8 Sessions

are often required

Each Session is £70

Or Prepay

5 are £300

8 are £480

*‘I was referred to Sharon a  year ago by my Doctor as I was suffering from depression which had  impacted every aspect of my life. I didn’t believe for a second it would work, but it did ’ Elaine, Basingstoke.

*‘I was referred to Sharon by  my Specialist as I had suffered from depression for 10 years. I can not believe how much Sharon helped me and I am so grateful. Henry, Bracknell.

*‘I found Sharon on Google. I went to the free consultation feeling very sceptical and as I had suffered with depression all of my life.  Sharon put me at completely at ease and after ease and after the 8 sessions I had my depression had gone. That was ten years ago’ Rita, Crowthorne.

*‘Eight years ago I was experiencing my worst bout of depression and my life was unbearable. Sharon was recommended to me by a friend and after five session the change was incredible. I got my life back’ Irene, Wokingham.

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